Wem Town Council

Wem: Birthplace of the Modern Sweet Pea

Town Clerk and Treasurer

Mrs P. E. O’Hagan

Wem Town Council Offices

Edinburgh House                                                      Tel & Fax: 01939 232733

New Street                                                                   Email: info@wem.gov.uk

Wem, Shropshire                                                        Assistant Clerk Email:

SY4 5DB                                                                        assistant.clerk@wem.gov.uk

Please visit the Town Council Website link below for further Councillors details.

Website: www.wem.gov.uk

     Mayor of Wem Cllr Philip Glover


West Ward

Deputy Mayor

Cllr Peter Broomhall 

Cllr Connie Granger

Cllr Philip Glover 

Cllr Kerry Edge

No photograph available yet

Cllr George Nash

East Ward

Cllr Pauline Dee

Cllr Paul Johnson 

Cllr Mandy Meakin 

Cllr Chris Mellings

Cllr Geoff Soul

Cllr Edward Towers

Cllr Roger Drummond

Wem Honorary Townsman Awards from 1983

The title of Honorary Townsman can be given to anybody in recognition of their services to the town of Wem and its people.

Nominations for the title of Honorary Townsman are considered each year by the Town Council at its May meeting with a final decision being made at the June meeting.  A presentation evening is then held later in the year.

2018 – Richard and Dee Lear2017 – Roger Aston & Rod Owens
2016 – Margaret Simmons2015 – Wyllis Turner
2014 – Peggy Carson @ Thelma Broom2013 – Sue Holliday
2009 – Alan Dennison & Larry Jenkins2008 – Phil Smith & Ian Finch
2007 – Evelyn Hinton & Edith O’Rahilly2006 – Alan Walker & Allen Evans
2004 – John & Val Good2003 – T F Edwards
2002 – Linda Etherington2001 – John Phillips 
1999 – Nancy Wilson1994 – Sheila Gough & Charlie Thorley
1993 – Bill Greaves1992 – Diana Strong
1990 – Joan German  , Brian Perry & Sybil Ruscoe1989 – Frederick L Boxall, Beryl Davies, Cllr Tom Groom JP & D J Woollam
1988 – Mr and Mrs R Lee & Gwen Reeves1987 – Emily Eastly, Brian Bailey, Les Butler & John Dromgool
1985 – Sandy Lyle1984 – Dr J Keeling- Roberts & Christopher H Simmons
1983 – George E Furber, Clive Kynaston, Jim Lewis, Ruby Musgrove, Bill Taylor & Don Woollam

An official board of all those that have received the Townsman award is located in the Town Hall.  Please ask at reception if you wish to view.