Hello ‘The Town of Wem Welcomes you’

This website has been developed on the back of the Welcome to Wem booklet introduced in November 2016.  We look forward to providing a service to Wem and the new residents but we think that it could also be a useful asset to all those that live in Wem and the local area.

Alas it looks as if the booklet will not be published anymore due to publishing costs in the future.  We the committee, feel that we will have to use our website only in the future.  Thank you all that have supported us in particular those Sponsors named below and our terrific team: Brian Gee, Liz Broomhall, Jean Cooley and the wonderful Bob Dibben who has sadly passed away.

Sponsors:  We do not put in adverts in the magazine but If you wish to sponsor us we will put in your logo on the back page of the magazine please contact Jean Cooley at E: jeanjcooley@gmail.com T:01939236654

We thank our Sponsors; Wem Town Council; Meres & Mosses (Connexus);  The Co-op; Monks Estate agents; The Castle Hotel, Robinson and Young; Princes, Wem and District Rotary Club, Wem Rural County Council, and the Ideas Cupboard who designed the booklet

Welcome Enjoy Mingle

Normally the booklet is produced annually, around July/August each year. it will be available on line if you require a copy. we will email it to you. 

Unfortunately this years booklet (20/21) has not been published due to Covid19 lockdown, our apologies to you all. However, we hope this website will still be of use to you.

In the booklet you will find:

A welcome letter from the Town’s Mayor – Health & Welfare – Recycling – Schools and Nurseries – Vets – Transport – Facilities: Town Hall, etc.  – Churches – Public Houses – Restaurants, Bistro, Cafés – Sports Clubs – Social Clubs – Edinburgh House (Shropshire Housing, Meres and Mosses Housing Association, Shropshire Council, Wem Town Council, Police) – Annual events – Places to visit within 20 miles of Wem – Town Council members – History of Wem. Transport, Rail, taxis and buses, Wem Rural, Town and shop maps

The information on the website link below about Wem is very interesting, slightly out of date but still very informative.


Look out for:  The Wemian is the Towns magazine that gives you a vast variety of information and items of interest. It is issued 4 times a year.  at the beginning (or thereabouts) of the 4 seasons.It is an invaluable asset in keeping up to date with what is happening in Wem. Look out for them in shops, cafes,Town Hall, Library and Town Hall.

Website: www.thewemian.co.uk/ – Facebook – and Twitter @The Wemian.

Wem local Website for shops, etc. – www.wemlocal.org.uk/wempres/siw/siwemcat.htm

‘The Story of Wem’ is an interesting book and is available from Wem Town Council at Edinburgh House and Wem Book Shop, 81 High Street.   Price – £10 per copy.

The Welcome to Wem Community Group committee:

Chairman Philip Moyse MBE JP, Treasurer Brian Gee, Secretary Liz Broomhall, and Sponsorship Liaison Jean Cooley

If your group, business or organisation has any amendments or requests please send full details by email to Phil Moyse philipmoyse7@gmail.com

For new insertions please send full details to Phil Moyse for the Committee to consider.

Click on or touch the link below:

WTW E copy  2019/20

Please contact our secretary Liz at lizbroomhall@icloud.com

The WTW Team

Jean Cooley, Bob Dibben and Brian Gee prepare the booklets for distribution

Chairman Phil Moyse took the photograph and Liz Broomhall was not available

Sadly Bob Dibben has passed away.  He was a great proof reader tracking down any mistakes made by the Publishers and a generous man.

Previous Copies

Welcome to Wem 2017/18

WTW E copy  2019/20