If you want your charity to be mentioned on this page please contact our information Co-ordinator Bob Dibben E: bobdibben@gmail.com T:01939 236178

Like most villages towns and cities there areo charities in our town amongst these are 3 Charity Shops and a small charity collection point in the Fire Station car Park.


Rural Charity is located in the High Street  T: 01939 236559 currently receives furniture items.  This charity are fighting depravation in rural areas.


Severn Hospice is located at 6 Leek street in Wem T: 01939234396 receives good quality items.  This charity does a lot in helping local people.


Fire Station charity container is located in the stations  car park on Noble Street for deposits of Adults & Children’s clothing including underwear, linen, Handbags and pairs of shoes.  This charity helps injured Firemen.

Wem Town Hall

Be a Friend and help for more information just click on the link below.

The Robert Hill & Noble Street Charity

This Charity helps the Civil Parish of Wem in the following:

  • To advance the Christian Faith for the benefit of the public.
  • To advance the Education of the pupils at any school by providing and assisting in the provision for Education at that school.
  • To assist persons to take up an Apprenticeship or undertake training for a trade or occupation. 
  • To help prevent or relieve poverty by providing Grants, Items and Services to individuals in need and/or Charities or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty.
  • The+Robert+Hill+and+Noble+Street+Charity

The Barber Trust

This charity helps in general charitable purposes, Economic/community, development/employment.

The trustees meet twice a year to decide contributions. The objectives of the trust fall into two categories, the assistance of persons residing in the parish of Wem and the provision and maintenance of public facilities within the boundary of the parish of Wem.

It helps children/young/people, the elderly and other charities or Voluntary bodies.

Contact email is; jandrdrummond@yahoo.co.uk

Community Cars Organisation – Help!

This important organisation urgently needs new drivers.

Volunteers will need to use their own cars and will receive mileage money at 45p per mile.

Volunteers will get to drive when it is suitable to them.

Unfortunately, if drivers do not come forward it may be this service will have to cease in Wem.

Please contact Dave on Wem 01939 232710.

Just Moved here?

If you have moved here and need to get rid of some of your belongings there are 2 excellent Charity Shops in the Town Wem and also on Fire station car park there is a container for Adult and children clothing including underwear, handbags, Linen and shoes in pairs please.

Your local Co-op provides funding for the community. 

Please go to the CO-OP website for an on line application form.  https://www.coop.co.uk/local-causes

Who can apply for the Local Community Fund

To apply to be a local cause you must be part of a not for profit organisation and run a project that will benefit your local community.

Organisations that can apply

Projects we’re unable to support

We are unable to fund projects that:

  • support individuals or overseas projects
  • promote any political activities or religious beliefs – but we will consider projects led by religious organisations that are for the benefit of the whole community
  • only pay for salaries or other running costs
  • give our funding to other people or organisations (onward grant making)
  • Local Authorities are responsible for
  • could, in our opinion, harm the reputation of Co-op

You can find a full summary of funding restrictions in the terms and conditions. You will be able to access the terms and conditions just before you submit the application. We will also send you a link to the terms and conditions once you complete your application.

Community Development Fund – Connnexus (Meres and Mosses) Edinburgh House

The community development fund has been set up to help fund communities working together, on local projects, which have a positive effffect in their area. Connexus welcome applications for funds and assistance for new and existing projects that meet one or more of the following criteria: 

1. Benefifits our tenants and develops links with the wider community 

2. Encourages interaction between difffferent generations within the whole community 

3. Leads to activities people want, but no one currently provides

 4. Generates training or employment opportunities 

Community Development Fund – Grants up to £5,000 A long term investment in a project, for example: Better management of open spaces to enhance wildlife, clean up derelict space or get people running their own community gardens Community groups, such as sports teams, youth groups, parent and toddler groups to encourage new skills e.g. computer skills Skills development for young people such as basic mechanics, basic cookery or home maintenance, as long as the skills lead to employment or improved life skills If you would like to speak to someone regarding the fund, please get in touch here.03332 31 32 33 | connexus-group.co.uk | hello@connexus-group.co.uk | @weareconnexus

A new Thrift shop has started business in the High Street called ‘The looking Glass’

Wem Food Hub

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