Three of the WtW team Phil Moyse Chairman, Bob Dibben Information Co-ordinator and Brian Gee Treasurer, shown with the first booklet in 2016.

Those missing Liz Broomhall Secretary and Jean Cooney Sponsor Co-ordinator

Due to the current position The 2020/21 Welcome to Wem booklet will be issued next year and is produced for newcomers to the town, the local community and local area. There is website called which has back copies.E. Copies are available just email

This is an information Website set up by the Welcome to Wem Community Group.  We were formed in May 2016 with the intention to give some knowledge of what is available in this Market Town in North Shropshire.

Our Sponsors are:  Wem Town Council; Meres and Mosses (Connexus)  The Co-op; Monks Estate agents; The Castle Hotel, Robinson and Young; Wem and District Rotary Club, Princes and Wem Rural Parish Council, last but not least we also thank ‘The Ideas Cupboard’ with coming up with a superb production.

Our Welcome to Wem team

Philip Moyse – Chairman 01939 233533

Liz Broomhall – Secretary  Mob: 07729181249 T: 01939 232573

Brian Gee – Treasurer 01939 233340

Bob Dibben – Information Co-ordinator – 01939236178

Jean Cooley –  Sponsorship liaison Officer

Please contact Phil Moyse on 01939233533 or Bob Dibben on 01939 233710 if there are things that could be amended or added.